Automate Load Board Outreach

Drive Business With Your Private Network Carrier Portal

Today’s carriers want digital self-serve bookings. Don’t get left behind. Let private network carriers search and book freight on your own branded carrier network. Plus automate outreach with carrier matches pushed out to loadboards and the industry’s first and only tool that reads trucklist emails with true NLP. You’ll increase revenue without increasing your headcount–or your headaches.

Put Your Trucklist Emails On Cruise Control


Parade’s exclusive AI technology integrates with DAT’s posted trucks, automatically reads your trucklist emails for capacity, then automatically responds to machine-matched carriers on your behalf. No need to take up a rep’s time. No easier way to book more loads. 

Automate Outreaches


Find carriers where they work. Put Parade’s Smart Rules and automatic dispatches to work. Parade uses AI technology to automatically profile your carriers, send them emails up to twice per day, and share matched loads via top loadboards. 

Reach carriers on every load board, marketplace, and next-gen trucking system with Load Syndication. 

Are you interested in driving growth with AI-powered carrier sourcing and digital freight matching tools?