Carrier Sourcing & Digital Freight Matching

Grow Your Carrier Sourcing Network

Building your business means building stronger carrier relationships. Parade’s powerful carrier sourcing and digital freight matching tool integrates data from your TMS, carrier onboarding tools, emails, and load boards to automatically create dynamic carrier profiles. The upshot? The ability to easily tap into carrier relationships that can be reused for your lanes. 

Better Carrier Management 

Never forget a carrier.

Intelligent Carrier Sourcing 

Search–and find–the right carriers with Source, Parade’s carrier search engine. Exclusive artificial intelligence-generated carrier profiles enable you to source the right carriers for every lane, every time. 

RMIS And My Carrier Packets Integration

Streamline qualification of which carriers your team uses via seamless integration with carrier onboarding tools like RMIS and My Carrier Packets (MCP). 

Real-Time Freight Matching

Parade’s exclusive Freight Matching tool pulls together all available capacity data from emails to load boards to delivering trucks and beyond to find the best truck for every load. 

Advanced Quote Management

Drive collaboration and ensure visibility by adding quotes to any load. 

The Ultimate Carrier CRM

Never forget a carrier. Never miss an opportunity. Access continuously updated carrier profiles to match the right loads with the right carriers in your TMS, plus manage qualifications like equipment specializations and collaborate on lane preference and available trucks. All in a single pane of glass. 


Let carriers self-serve with your own branded private carrier network portal.


See why Parade’s Carrier Sourcing is becoming the source for brokers’ growth.

3 Ways Capacity Management Helps Brokers Create a Personalized Carrier Experience

Today, many brokerages have made carrier relationships a priority. Technology is often seen at odds with building stronger carrier relationships since it can replace some of the interactions between brokers and carriers, but done right, technology can actually enhance carrier relationships. Parade does that in several ways, including helping brokers give their carriers a more personalized experience.

Why Do Carrier Relationships Matter?

We talk a lot about how Parade capacity management can help brokers improve and elevate their carrier relationships, but what’s so important about those carrier relationships? In this article, we'll explore why carrier relationships matter and what constitutes a good carrier relationship.

3 Ways Brokerages Can Use Parade Capacity Management to Improve Carrier Relationships

Proactively improve your relations with carriers with the help of capacity management. Lack of trucking capacity due to market fluctuations has been an ongoing issue facing freight brokerages for years now, and the pandemic only exacerbated the issue. High freight rates and equipment shortages have led to brokers looking for new ways to secure the right capacity. Many have turned to prioritizing carrier relationships, but if that were easy everyone would already be doing it. Thankfully, capacity management solutions like Parade can help.

Work faster with your carriers