Easily match freight and tender loads

Save Time and Headaches with Digital Freight Matching

Brokers like you make hundreds of phone calls every day trying to qualify and negotiate loads. But now you don’t have to. Parade’s digital freight rate confirmation and booking offer carriers self-booking along with digital bidding. So you spend less time triaging calls and negotiating deals while booking more loads. 

Seamless TMS Integration With Digital Book Now


Take the on-ramp to Easy Street. Parade’s advanced technology fully integrates with your TMS to automate carrier verification, qualification, assignment, and rate confirmation. Plus with Digital Book Now, carriers can self-book freight without a phone call.

Offload Cumbersome Rate Confirmations


Bring business to you. Drive interest with digital bids. Filter out low-quality quotes and auto-accept to turn bids into bookings automatically.

Link Up With Qualified Carriers


Parade’s Magic Links enable your team to send load details and qualifications over email and text, so carriers can book whether they’re on the road or on their couch. 

Get the data. Drive ROI.