Broker Executives

Grow Business Without Growing Headaches

Maximize capacity, existing carrier relationships, and revenue without maxing out your team–or your patience. Only Parade increases loads booked by 30% with our exclusive AI-empowered technology that integrates seamlessly with your tech stack. 

Increase your ROI

 Drive A Better Bottom Line


Accelerate ROI. Beat the market rate, win more freight, and improve margins with our predictive pricing tool and automatic waterfall tendering. 

Get More Lanes, More Loads, More Business


Become the go-to option. Cover 100% of freight. Bid on more lanes and book more loads faster with real-time freight matching, seamless TMS integration, and carrier self-booking.

Strengthen Carrier Relationships


New carrier management? Market volatility? No problem. Parade helps you handle these speed bumps with seamless TMS, load board, and email integration that create dynamic profiles that match the right carrier to the right lane, every time. The bottom line: a better bottom line with repeat carrier business, better customer satisfaction, and higher employee morale.

Keep On Trucking


Onboard the industry’s best ROI-generating, efficiency-improving tools with no disruption to your business, no lengthy implementation, and no extra work for your staff. You’ve heard promises from the rest. Now get the real thing from the best. 

Never forget a carrier.


Beat the market rate and win more freight with predictive freight pricing. 

Smart Lanes

Automate recurring freight and put your lanes on cruise control with digital waterfall tendering. 

Freight Matching

Simplify carrier sourcing with the matching tool that integrates your TMS, carrier onboarding tools, emails, and load boards. 

Carrier Engagement

Automate outreach with the first tool to read trucklist emails and post on load boards. 


Drive ROI with next-gen business intelligence. 

FAQ for Executives


How do we get more from the carriers already in our network?

Parade tracks carrier availability and gets loads in front of likely carriers faster, helping brokers book those carriers’ capacity before someone else gets to it. Parade also helps reps ask smarter questions while they’re communicating with carriers, learning more about their capacity, even in lanes outside the broker’s current territory.


How can we make onboarding new carriers faster, cheaper, and less risky?

Parade makes it easier to onboard new carriers, integrating with leading onboarding and vetting programs to streamline the process. Because Parade helps brokers reuse the carriers already in their network more often, brokers don’t need to onboard as many new carriers and there’s less risk that an onboarded carrier will turn out to be a one-and-done.


How can I integrate capacity management easily across my existing technology stack?

We offer rich integrations with industry leading solutions across the freight brokerage industry, including TMS systems, load boards, syndication services, onboarding and compliance solutions, visibility tools, and rating benchmarks. Don’t see your solution on our integrations page? Ask your sales rep.