Extend your TMS with Parade to automatically find and book the best carrier for every load.

Develop Core Carriers

Parade continuously mines your TMS load history and combines it with proprietary signals to build out rich carrier profiles and determine the best lanes for each carrier. You’ll grow the number of core carriers you work with.

Reach Carriers Before they Book out Trucks

Parade combines the available freight data stored in your Tai TMS with our machine learning-driven profiles to create a set of personalized freight for each of your carriers. We then push that freight in front of carriers via email, the web and other channels so they know about your freight before they book out their trucks.

Zero-Touch Booking, Even After Hours

When a carrier sees a load of yours that they like, they can click a Book Now button and Parade will communicate with Tai, assign the carrier to the load and trigger the rate con to be sent. Carriers can even book at 2am in the morning when no one is at your brokerage and it will go through flawlessly.