The CM+ Plan - Win more freight and book loads faster, automatically.

We’ve taken our industry-defining Capacity Management technology further with the all-new CM+ Plan, featuring Advantage and Cascade.

Book more. Work less.

Advantage: Get instant, accurate, personalized pricing. Don’t miss a booking–or your margins.

Advantage uses AI technology to compare your carrier network data with the leading market price index to give you the bidding advantage. Advantage also helps you develop a cohesive pricing strategy so you can win more freight without driving down margins.

Cascade: Put your lanes on autopilot. Improve carrier–and shipper–relationships.

Have volume on a lane? Let Cascade automatically cycle through them for faster, easier tendering. Cascade lets you reward top carriers with preferred freight access and upgrade your shippers’ experience by matching the right carrier to their needs.

Welcome to the All New Parade: Advantage and Cascade

Advantage: Beat the rate and win more freight.

As the industry’s first technology to integrate specific carrier data with the market price index, Advantage gives you an instant edge.

  • Instantly see how your price compares to the market
  • Calculate a competitive bid in seconds
  • Win more profitable freight
  • Capture more margin
  • Make every member of your team an instant pricing expert
  • Bid on more lanes with trucks in hand
  • Price challenging loads like speciality equipment types, certifications, commodity, and more with confidence

Cascade: Load up on loads with automatic tendering.

Don’t spend your time manually booking freight, sourcing new carriers, or scrambling to cover same-day spillover. Put dedicated, contract, and project-based freight on autopilot with Cascade automatic waterfall tendering.

  • Set up carriers, tell us your rates, and let Cascade do the rest
  • Book more loads, save more time
  • Improve carrier relationships by rewarding top-tier carriers with exclusive access to the freight they want most
  • Upgrade the shipper experience by matching, selecting, and ranking the right carrier for their needs
  • Stay on top of carrier commitments to manage volume and price commitments, while evaluating load acceptance rates to hone your strategy

Get more with CM+

More profitable freight plus faster bookings equals the all-new Parade. Learn more about the CM+ Plan. Reach out to a team member or book a demo.