Platform By Workflow

Make every teammate a capacity expert.

Expand your carrier network by bringing disparate data into one unified capacity platform. Parade empowers you team to find and manage capacity on one screen like never before.

Your Capacity Workbench

  • One screen for your coverage team to find and manage capacity
  • Instantly see the best carriers for every load and lane
  • Streamline pricing information from historical loads, quotes, and DAT RateView
  • Manage pricing notes
  • See which carriers have available capacity vs. historical ability to run lane
  • Automatically notify your carriers of great matching loads with your brokerage

Your Carrier CRM

  • Capture data from your TMS, load boards, carrier onboarding tools, and your emails
  • Unify data with the latest carrier inspection data from the FMCSA
  • Clean your capacity data with corrected equipment and destinations using our machine learning
  • Automatically update equipment, accessorials and lane preferences by carrier

Build consistent carrier relationships.

Give your carriers multiple ways to do business with you—over a carrier portal, over email, or even from the load boards. Parade makes it easy to digitally manage your carriers, wherever and however they find work.

Drive coverage reliability for your lanes.

Build up a portfolio of dependable carriers for your key lanes with the help of Parade. Parade’s sourcing tools enables your team to find the best carriers for your lanes.

Unlock better carrier pricing with volume.

Be confident that you are automatically tendering your freight to your best carriers and providing them with volume. Expand margins as your team builds deeper relationships with carriers.

Watch your network grow.

Parade never forgets a carrier. Your team might not notice the out-of-network carrier who regularly quotes and posts trucks—but Parade does and recommends it.

Collect more capacity data on your carriers.

  • Collect as much data on the carriers from where-ever you can source it: from the load boards to FMCSA inspection records
  • Create a shared pool of capacity that is available to everyone at the brokerage
  • Automatically learn carrier preferences based on their interactions with your brokerage

Syndicate to partner capacity networks.

  • Find capacity by instantly post your loads to a continuously increasing number of 3rd party networks where carriers find work
  • Cover freight faster because Parade’s posting are digital: get bookings and quotes not email inquiries
  • Have complete control over which freight goes to partners and which carriers can book
See the results for yourself.