Unlock your business

Drive ROI with next-gen freight intelligence 

In a world of empty promises, one company maps out success with an ROI-driven approach to digital freight. Only Parade has the advanced tools to enable customers to book 30% more loads. Unlock carrier information across all sources. Engage the right carrier for the right load at the right price. Improve margins and drive recurring revenue with tracking and reporting tools that uncover deep relational intelligence.

Never forget a carrier.

Track What Matters Most With Powerful Reporting


Discover digital booking percentages to know how much digital freight you’re moving. See your carrier re-use rate to understand how you’re pacing with recurring freight. Know which members are most effective at using tools, managing carriers, and driving digital bookings. Know where you are. And where you can go next with Parade’s next-generation dashboard.

Pair With Your Own BI Tools.


Integrate Parade’s reporting with your own. Parade’s data API lets you pull in all reporting data to your own business intelligence tools so that you can analyze key performance metrics. And get on track to more profitability. 

Put your lanes on autopilot with waterfall digital freight booking