Webinar: Recession proof your brokerage by improving carrier relationships and implementing digital tools

Parade teamed up with ARL Logistics and Tai TMS to discuss how technology can help you weather changing market conditions and in the process improve carrier relationships to grow your brokerage and improve efficiencies. Watch the video below.

2023 Truckload Market Outlook

2023 is looking to be more challenging than the past couple of years for the freight industry. After a 2021 and 2022 filled with challenges and opportunities alike, 2023 will be a year for taking stock. With the economic outlook uncertain, lingering supply chain issues still creating bottlenecks, capacity supply and demand has shifted to favor shippers with lower freight rates than we’ve seen in a long while. 2023 is almost certain to be a different experience for shippers, 3PLs, and carriers alike.

What is Parade? Watch a demo of the newest features

Can you use the capacity you already have to grow your business and build a better and more efficient brokerage? Let us show you how Parade’s capacity management platform can help you expand your business and generate the market edge you’ve been looking for, even in a constantly changing economic environment.

Webinar: Parade + Hubtek + Steamboat

Watch "Jumpstarting Brokerage Staffing Services paired with Parade's Capacity Management" below. See how Parade + Hubtek shifted Steamboat's profitability into high gear, tripling ROI without tripling the labor pool. Watch now!