Why Dupré Logistics Chose Parade for Capacity Management

Dupré Needed a Capacity Management Solution to Help them Scale Their Growing Business. When the team at Dupré Logistics, an asset carrier and freight brokerage based out of Lafayette, LA, was searching for a capacity management solution, they didn’t simply pull typical top-level stakeholders in. Their end users and managers also weighed in.

Parade Team | 05.17.2022
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The organization knew they needed a capacity management solution to sustain the growth trajectory they were on, but it needed to be intuitive enough that their reps would be able to use it effectively. Dupré Director of Operations-SCS Randy Robles had this to say about adding Parade technology,

“No matter how many customers you have, capacity is the key in this industry.  Our goal is to be able to capture consistent capacity at a fair rate to both our customers and carrier partners while still benefiting Dupre.  We see Parade as a key tool in helping us achieve those goals. “

They demoed several capacity management products along with Parade, but ultimately, these are the reasons why they decided our solution was the right fit for them.

Ease of Use

The leadership at Dupré took into account that many of their team members have been very successful using the methods they’ve always used. A new system would pull them out of their comfort zone, so they chose Parade based on its ease of use.

They wanted a capacity management solution that made their reps’ jobs easier to improve adoption, offering them clear-cut benefits like automated carrier outreach to save broker reps time and energy and the opportunity to improve consistency for rates. Parade fit the bill.

Ability to Improve Carrier Reuse

While there will always be a place for syndication services in the freight industry, Dupré wanted to get back to building relationships with their carriers just like they do their customers. Parade could help them do just that by enabling easy carrier reuse and freeing up reps’ time so they can actually connect with their carriers.

By reusing more carriers, they hope to build mutually beneficial relationships, providing carriers with more steady business and securing consistent freight rates that reflect the higher volumes of freight each relationship carrier is hauling.

To Help Overcome Talent Shortage

Randy Robles, Director of Operations-SCS, told us that the talent shortage is one of the most significant challenges facing the freight industry right now.

Since Parade can help reps with productivity, it can help them circumnavigate some of the hiring they would normally have to do to scale up their operations. The reps they have can get more done in the same amount of time, all while feeling less overwhelmed with their workload since the system’s automation takes so much of the busy work off their plates.

Integration Partners

Parade was an ideal capacity management option for Dupré because we integrate with their TMS, MercuryGate. The integration means that some of the steps involved in getting carriers on loads are eliminated, helping their reps be more productive.

They look forward to utilizing more of Parade’s integrations as they dig into more ways that Parade can help them find capacity and improve their bottom line.

Our Superior Customer Experience Team

After speaking with their counterparts at other brokerages who have implemented Parade, the team at Dupré felt confident that Parade would be there to help them, even after the system was up and running.

Parade’s Customer Experience (CX) team has engaged with key teams at Dupré to ensure the system is running well and to address any concerns they’ve had. The CX team has also spent time with Dupré super users to help them get comfortable with the system.


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About Dupré Logistics

Dupré Logistics has been in business for more than 40 years. The company started when founder Mr. Dupré bought a gas station. He didn’t have anyone to haul fuel to his station, so he purchased two trucks (but only one of them ran), and they grew from there. They now have two separate divisions, dedicated/energy and their brokerage, where they started ramping up operations 5 years ago. They currently have about 500 trucks on the asset side. Brokerage has gone from $20 million in revenues to an estimated $250 million this fiscal year in the 5 years they’ve been focusing on expansion.


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