Smart Lanes

Book Faster With Digital Freight Matching And Tendering

Ready to automate recurring freight? Smart move. Skip the busy work of manual bookings and put efficiency into overdrive with Smart Lanes’ advanced digital freight matching and automatic waterfall tendering. Book more truckloads with less workload.

The Most Advanced Tendering & Digital Freight Matching

Tired of sourcing new carriers, scrambling to cover same-day spillover, and managing project-based freight? Match the right carrier to the right load every time with Smart Rules, advanced rules-based freight matching that lets you determine which loads carriers can see and book. 

Reward Top Carriers

Improve carrier relationships. Gain valuable repeat business. Tier top-rated carriers to give them exclusive or preferential access to the freight they want most. 

Upgrade Shipper Experience

Have shippers with complex accessorial needs, a difficult-to-navigate facility, or specific loading instructions? Now you can deliver exceptional, customized service with the ability to match, select, and rank the right carriers for each job. 

Track Carrier Commitments

Take care of today while planning for tomorrow. Keep track of volume and price commitments. Instantly know how much volume you’re doing on a given lane. Evaluate load acceptance rates on a per carrier basis to inform future strategy. 

Cascade makes it easier for brokers to offer their primary carriers exclusive access to loads before matching with carriers in the brokers’ broader network.

FreightWaves, 2022

Parade has given us the runway to book an infinite amount of orders.

Alex Mauer | VP Operations, Jones Logistics

Book More Loads, Faster, With Waterfall Tendering

Save time and hassles. Put your lanes on autopilot with Cascade, Parade’s exclusive waterfall tendering tool, and automatically book dedicated, contract, and project-based freight with your best carriers. 

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What is Cascade and How Does It Benefit Freight Brokers? Cascade is a new Parade feature that allows brokers to set up customized automation to prioritize carrier outreach on specific loads based on the shipper, lane, and equipment type. By setting customized tiers, brokers can offer exclusivity to preferred carriers, giving them access to the loads they like to haul before the general carrier pool. It offers several tangible benefits to brokers, including the following.

Cascade: Automated Freight Routing on Each Lane

Parade, the industry’s leading capacity management provider, is excited to share with you our latest freight tendering tool - Cascade. Cascade enables you to create and execute automated routing guides on every lane, allowing you to seamlessly extend load offers with custom rates and exclusivity periods for booking.

Parade Releases New Products to Further Improve Freight Brokerage Efficiency and the Bottom Line

San Francisco, CA — November 1, 2022 — Parade, the leader in capacity management software for freight brokers, announces the release of two new products that enable freight brokers to manage dedicated capacity with an intelligent waterfall tendering engine called “Cascade” and a capacity-based pricing engine called “Advantage”. Parade’s new product launch is accompanied by an update for all existing Parade customers to a new version of its web-based capacity workbench that further streamlines managing carrier relationships and covering loads.