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Book profitable loads, faster. Parade ensures you maximize your load opportunities.

Parade delivers connectivity to real loads.

Loadboards too often show outdated or fake loads. Public brokerage boards often yield low margins. Your shippers leave you empty-handed for backhauls. Now, use Parade to access a network of highly qualified opportunities, with backhauls, through top-rated brokerages. Dispatchers receive personalized insights to ensure they book the most profitable loads, quickly and seamlessly.


Customer Stories

“Working with Parade has truly flipped my business on its head... in the best way possible! What used to be the toughest part of my drivers’ job, figuring out the best loads to ensure good backhauls and highest margins, has now become their favorite. They’re delivering more loads per week than ever and I can’t even count how many dispatchers have told me they’re over the moon for these capabilities.”
Fleet Manager, XYZ

Some of OUR leading customers

Learn how leading fleets use Parade to empower their dispatchers, strengthen brokerage ties, and adapt to market changes.