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Intelligence and engagement to ensure you book more loads.

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"[...] Parade truly delivered in every category from education and training to custom reporting. Their expertise and willingness to work alongside our teams created a successful and seamless launch. The forward thinking of the Parade team and the AI intelligence profiles we are building with our carrier base has allowed us to utilize the power of their technology to build better relationships with our carriers which in turn gives us the ability to better serve our customers."

Christine Griffith
Carrier Relations and Development Specialist
Trinity Logistics

"Parade is exactly what our brokerage needed.  Their cutting-edge A.I. automatically learns and adapts to our carrier's needs and sends them tailored load opportunities in real-time.  Effortlessly targeting our existing network prevents unnecessary carrier setups and allows our team to book loads faster and more efficiently.  Thanks to Parade, covering freight and strengthening carrier relationships has never been easier!"

Matt Minoski
IT Manager
EPES Logistics

Parade delivers connectivity to carrier sales.

Carrier intelligence and engagement happens with Parade - better understand your carriers and confidently engage with them to book more loads. Streamline carrier procurement with one end-to-end, connected system and empower every carrier sales rep to book more loads. Enrich your carrier relationships by better understanding carrier capabilities and preferences, delivering targeted opportunities, and ensuring you reutilize your top carriers.


Data Security

Your data is always your own. Parade is committed to 100% security of brokerage data and business intelligence to ensure your competitive advantage remains intact.

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