Capacity CRM

Manage Carrier Relationships as a Team

Digitally onboard, organize, and engage top carriers in a single platform.

more capacity
more loads booked
freight digitally booked

AI-Enriched Carrier Profiles

Use machine learning to analyze historical load and capacity data and identify your carriers’ preferences. Then, generate matches to ensure you always have the right carriers for your loads.

Commitment Controls

Control which regional dispatchers are notified about freight, and which carriers see your load opportunities. Your team manages pricing commitments with your carriers online for better freight booking.

Collaborative Space

Share notes with your team to consistently provide your regional dispatchers and truck drivers with a positive experience. You can highlight best practices, update contact information, and even note their quirks and preferences to keep everyone in the loop.

Integration with Carrier-Onboarding and TMS

Integrate with all the tools you use to manage carrier relationships. Sync lane preferences from your carrier onboarding system and TMS automatically and see real-time carrier availability by synching with your TMS freight status log.