Carrier Experience

Elevate Your Carrier Experience

Give carriers the freedom to manage their preferences and book loads on their own.

more capacity
more loads booked
freight digitally booked

White-Label Carrier Portal

Simplify freight management by allowing your carriers to update their lane preferences and capacity. And automate load booking by giving trusted carriers the option to find and select freight by themselves. They can even view their current load commitments on-demand to simplify scheduling and lane efficiency.

Email Engagement

Respond to carriers automatically with targeted load opportunities and send periodic emails throughout the week to keep your carrier network engaged. With Parade’s proactive communication strategy, you can drive carrier reuse at scale.

Book Now

Let carriers book loads with a single click. Simply integrate with your TMS and share personalized opportunities with your carriers via email, your partner capacity networks, and your partner page. Your carriers can self-serve new loads when they have time, and your reps can focus on freight matching and bidding instead of coordinating documents.