Connect Capacity

Scale Your Capacity Effortlessly

Expand your carrier network and re-use your best carriers, wherever they do business.

more capacity
more loads booked
freight digitally booked

Truck-List Email Parsing

Using natural language processing, you can mine important capacity information from HTML files, plaintext, PDFs, images, and conversations easily. And Parade’s AI will automatically respond to your carriers with targeted freight opportunities to improve engagement.

Partner Capacity Networks

Connect to existing load boards and new partner networks to immediately increase your capacity options and show up where dispatchers and drivers are already doing business.

White-Label Carrier Portal

Improve load matching and booking by allowing your carriers to update their lane preferences, availability, and equipment information on their own.

Real-Time Delivering Trucks

See which carriers in your network have active deliveries by syncing with your TMS. Parades’ integrations ensure you always have the most up-to-date data, so you can quickly hand off freight to available carriers.