Instant Booking

Book Loads Faster

Simplify load matching, tendering, and booking to accelerate load coverage

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more loads booked
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Access a Booking-First Platform

As the first digital freight booking platform on the market, Parade is designed to streamline and strengthen broker-carrier relationships. The insights and lessons we’ve gained over the years enable us to tailor our features to the critical needs of freight brokerages.

Let Carriers Self-Serve

Empower carriers to self-book loads with the click of a button from their inbox or Parade’s partner page. Parade will even generate rate confirmations for your carriers to make the booking process effortless for your team.

Prioritize Your Top Carriers

Route important loads to your best carriers first. With Parade’s Smart Rules technology, you can limit the visibility and booking of certain lanes to a predefined group of carriers, ensuring the best experience for all involved.

Book Across Partner Capacity Networks

Allow authorized carriers to search and book freight on any load board. Using Parade’s supported Partner Capacity Networks and Book Now features, your loads can be booked in seconds.