Get Results in Real-Time

Keep tabs on your growth and performance with AI-driven reporting features.

more capacity
more loads booked
freight digitally booked

No Vaporware

Unlike other companies that make big promises but never deliver, Parade enables its users to track their results rigorously. This reporting-first approach offers transparency and gives you the confidence to continue building on your long-term success.

Track Margin Performance

Watch your margins progress over time as your carriers go digital. You can view growth over the short and long-term and compare outcomes from different seasons, quarters, and years.

Explore Carrier Reuse Performance

Keep track of your carrier relationships by identifying carrier reuse growth and margin performance within certain groups. You can even highlight diversity across your network to get a clear picture of your carrier demographics.

Export Data

Simplify audits by extracting data and carrier activity from Parade. From carrier capacity to bids and books, all the details can be pushed to other platforms and downloaded in different file formats for ease of use.