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Turn your carrier data into a competitive Advantage. Drive a better bottom line with the AI-driven predictive freight pricing engine and truck load rating tool to beat the market rate and win more profitable freight. Book a demo of Advantage today.

Most accurate market rates available

Advantage vs. market based on capacity

Complex accessorials & truck types

Find more freight where you have an advantage

Best-in-class DAT integration


Advantage combines DAT’s best-in-class price benchmark with powerful data on a broker’s carrier relationships and lane expertise from Parade’s capacity management platform.

Don’t call just any booking a win


Bidding too high means missing out on freight. Bidding too low means barely squeaking by on margin. And you don’t make any margin on the loads you didn’t bid on. With Advantage, you maximize your team’s ability to cover more loads profitably. That’s the true win.

Get personalized, dynamic pricing


Our AI pricing engine and truck load rating tool seamlessly integrates deep data from your carrier network with DAT market rates to calculate your advantage relative to the market. This customized, dynamic pricing algorithm gives you the edge to bid competitively and strategically.

Bid on more lanes, win more business


Chances are, you have strong capacity on lanes you don’t run frequently. Advantage bridges the gap between your sales team, carrier sales team, and your carriers so that you can bid on more lanes with trucks in hand.

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6 Compelling Benefits Parade’s New Advantage Product Offers Brokers

Pricing freight accurately is no easy feat. Due to the strength of their carrier relationships and expertise on a lane, brokers often are able to cover loads at rates significantly below the market rate. However, today’s pricing tools don’t always account for those factors, potentially leaving brokers unsure of where they have an advantage or how to bid competitively when they do.

Parade partners with DAT to launch a capacity-based pricing tool to help brokers win business and improve their margins

Powered by data from DAT, Parade’s Advantage pricing tool helps brokers win profitable bids that reflect their unique position in the market and the strength of their carrier relationships.

Win More Bids and Improve Margins with Capacity-Based Pricing

Advantage Helps Brokerage Sales Teams Generate Winning Quotes They Can Trust A broker’s Advantage is the strength of their carrier relationships. Imagine if your sales team understood your capacity network so well that they could say exactly how your brokerage’s costs compared with market rates. Advantage, Parade’s new relationship-based pricing tool, arms brokerage sales teams with exactly this knowledge so they can bid competitively and win more profitable freight.