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Does Parade co-op data to make matches and help find more carriers?

Parade sources capacity from within your existing network of carriers. A key function of Parade is learning about carriers based on many different behavioral signals. Parade scrapes inbound truck lists from carriers, tracks search behavior within the carrier portal, compiles available trucks entered by carrier reps on the phone with carriers, and many other signals. We show you all available trucks you didn’t even know you had. Parade also syndicates loads to a number of load boards (DAT, KeepTruckin’ and SmartHop, see our integration page to see a full list) First, carriers you know can book these loads digitally (Book Now). Second, we collect quotes from carriers you haven’t worked with before, helping you start the negotiation process. All quoting and booking behavior is later used for future matching and carrier profile building. Parade will also bring in posted trucks from some partner networks and add that to the capacity workbench. Carrier reps then have access to live capacity sourced from inside and outside your network, all in one central location.

Why is Parade’s approach to capacity/syndication partners preferable to other platforms?

How does Parade use the profile it builds on my carriers?

Can I choose which loads get posted to load boards?

When Parade posts to load boards what company shows as the broker?

Does using Parade mean my reps won’t be working the phones anymore?

What if my carriers don’t want to receive emails?

How do I get my carriers to adopt the platform?

Do I need a subscription for each of the syndication partners? What does that cost?

Do all of my loads get sent to Parade? (customer type, contract type, etc)

How do I know which load/match type is most successful on Parade?

How does Parade get available truck emails? Just from me? Other Carriers? Do the carriers have to put it in a certain format? Do you have to integrate with my email server?

What happens if the email parsing fails?

Who receives credit for a digital booking?

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