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New Feature: Parade Expands Carrier Procurement Capabilities

Parade is excited to announce a new carrier procurement feature, designed to help brokers find the most active carriers on every lane across America. Combining detailed FMCSA inspection data with Parade's proprietary analytics, the new tool provides brokers with an unparalleled view of carrier activity on any lane in the continental US.

Accelerating Freight Innovation: Announcing Parade’s Latest Venture Funding

Read below for details about our latest funding round

See How Trucker Path Is Delivering

Partner Spotlight: Trucker Path’s Driver-Centric Values Made Them Excel in the Trucking Industry

3 Ways Brokers Can Use Parade to Dazzle Their Shippers

How Can Parade Help Brokers Win Over Shippers?

Celebrating a Milestone: Parade is SOC 2 Type 1 Compliant

Parade is excited to be taking this important step to further its data protection practices.

How to Use ChatGPT for Business: Freight Edition

Almost everyone has heard of ChatGPT at this point, right? It’s been all over the news and social media feeds, and people are finding new uses for it every day. But what is Chat GPT and how can it be used in the freight industry? We’re going to do our best to break down GPT in layman’s terms.