Carrier Sales Reps

Source, Book, Retain–Automatically

Busy work doesn’t work. Trade manual carrier sourcing and freight booking for automatic digital booking, simplified carrier sourcing, and AI-powered carrier retention. And book more–and make more.

Fill Your Sales Funnel


Leave no loads unassigned. Identify open loads and assign trucks with real-time freight matching, advanced quote management, and easy, automatic digital booking–even for next-day or same-day loads.

Reach The Right Carriers On The Right Channel


Forget one-and-done carriers. Simplify carrier sourcing and retention with AI-enabled tools that not only create dynamic carrier profiles for personalized freight, but also automatically respond to and dispatch carrier outreach via email and the industry’s largest capacity network.

Boost Relationships–And Commissions


Keep carriers–and your team–happy and engaged. Generate repeat and new by automatically offering top carriers exclusive or preferential access to the freight they want most. Reduce your team’s workload with advanced quote management, digital freight booking, and simplified carrier sourcing and retention. 

Carrier Sales Reps FAQ:


How can I reach my carriers at the right time and on the right channel automatically?

With Smart Rules, brokers can customize the Parade system’s automated outreach, sending the loads each carrier wants where they want them, automatically and instantly.


What benefits does Parade offer to me as a carrier sales rep?

Parade can help reps automate much of the busy work involved in their day to day, cutting down on those, “Do you have a truck?” phone calls and leaving more time for, “What kind of loads are you looking for?” calls. This allows reps to get more done and build stronger relationships with carriers, leading to more loads booked and maybe even more money earned.


How does Parade fit into my current workflow?

Parade’s integrations mean that, even if you don’t set foot outside of your current workflow, the system is working in the background. It conducts automated carrier outreach and pulls quotes directly into the TMS so reps get the benefits of Parade even when they’re not interacting directly with the Parade system.


Is Parade automation designed to replace carrier sales reps?

Parade is designed to augment carrier sales reps’ day-to-day efforts, not replace them. The system is designed to tackle repeatable tasks, leaving reps with more time and energy to do things that drive value for the brokerage.