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Parade is a capacity management platform designed to help freight brokers find and digitally book the right carrier for each load and grow their businesses by winning more loads where they have capacity. Learn more about how Parade benefits carriers below, and how to access your account.

How Do Carriers Win When Their Brokers Use Parade?

While Parade is a tool for brokers that is implemented on the brokerage's end, carriers win when the brokers they work with use Parade. Here are some of the benefits carriers get:   * View all your freight brokerage partners in one place, with insights to help you secure the best loads * Avoid running empty miles and combing through large available load emails *  Stronger, more intentional relationships with brokers *  Digital booking and quoting capabilities *  It can get your capacity locked down sooner *  Carriers can work with brokers on their terms where they want to work   Learn more about the benefits Parade offers to carriers on our blog. You can learn more about Parade for carriers by watching this demo.

How Do Carriers Access Parade?

All approved carriers can access Parade through a broker’s portal to see that broker’s private load board and digitally book and quote loads.   Are you an approved carrier trying to login to your Parade account? You can do that here. Have a question about using Parade as a carrier? Check out our carrier FAQ page on how to get setup.   Not approved yet through your brokers? You can ask your broker community to use Parade. Send them to for a demo.

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