Bookings simplified.

By streamlining time-consuming parts of the freight booking process, Parade helps you connect with your carrier base, focus on the most important tasks, and grow your business in big ways.

Increase Carrier Use

Parade’s machine learning continuously analyzes historical load and capacity data to identify your carriers’ preferences and match them to the right loads, so you can increase carrier re-use and grow a dedicated carrier network.

Book Carriers Faster

Automatically get bookable loads in front of your carriers where they find work – email, the web, capacity networks – and before they book out their trucks.

Match the Right Carrier to the Right Load

Parade aggregates capacity from different data silos like your TMS, historical loads, and carrier onboarding data to tell you which carrier has a truck in hand for every load.

Improve Carrier Relationships

Parade learns carrier preferences, capabilities, and engagement to improve future booking decisions. Send targeted opportunities to re-engage and reuse your top carriers.

Book Loads Strategically

Compare historical and real-time pricing information to bid and negotiate on RFPs. Accept freight based on current capacity knowledge — including carrier locations, capacity, and availability.

Digitally Expand Your Carrier Network

Parade integrates with over a dozen capacity networks. With our digitally native integrations, carriers can bid and book your loads seamlessly. View all of our integrations.

Parade works with every type of freight broker.

Share notes with your team to consistently provide your regional dispatchers and truck drivers with a positive experience. You can highlight best practices, update contact information, and even note their quirks and preferences to keep everyone in the loop.


Parade also integrates with carrier compliance and benchmarking tools help brokers prioritize which carriers are going to be the best fit.

A solution to every user’s unique needs.

The Parade platform was designed with every user in mind—from C-level leaders to carrier reps—as well as the IT specialists looking after your infrastructure.

We integrate with the best.

Book 30% more freight.