Parade + McLeod

Enhance McLeod PowerBroker with Parade and accelerate how your team expands capacity, re-use carriers, and book more loads.

Reach your brokerages’ true growth potential

Eliminate tedious phone calls with one-and-done carriers when you integrate Parade with McLeod and start scaling your coverage operations today.

Supercharge McLeod with Parade

Accelerate Carrier Relationship Development

Parade continuously aggregates capacity data on your in-network carriers to build rich up-to-date carrier profiles. Your team can focus less on entering in Available Tractors, and instead develop relationships that book you more freight.

Digitize Your Booking Process

Parade manages the digital booking everywhere your carriers do business. Whether it’s over email, through your very own white-labeled carrier portal, or across the load boards, Parade’s unified booking technologies cast a vast net to capture your carriers’ attention to make sure your loads get booked.

Works with your PowerBroker edition

For the best experience, Parade integrates with the latest PowerBroker version. The Parade integration supports PoweBroker versions 17.2 and up.

5 most common questions about Parade + McLeod

You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers about how Parade and McLeod integrate. 

Can I customize what information is shown to carriers?

Yes, our implementation team will work closely with you and your team to ensure that you and your carriers can clearly communicate all requirements around how your team does business.

Do you support deployment in a sandbox?

Yes, this isn’t our first rodeo and we know it’s important to verify your business processes in a sandbox environment. We’ll run through our cus

Do you provide post-sales support?

100% yes, we are on this journey with you. Our dedicated team of customer success executives will pair with your team to ensure we are hitting our 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month ROI goals.

Do I need to subscribe to your Partner Capacity Networks?

For DAT, you’ll need a load board license with the Book Now add-on -- our team can help you with this seamless setup. All of our other partner networks are free to use.

Does this integrate with my carrier-onboarding system?

Yes, we integrate with PowerBroker’s carrier management system. We also integrate with your carrier-onboarding system to ensure that we have the most up-to-date compliance information.