Carrier Pod Leaders

Manage Workflows, Improve Margins

Turn up the volume, right along with the profits. Increase efficiency, boost bookings, mitigate onboarding costs, and optimize performance with automated bookings, simplified carrier sourcing and retention, and insightful business intelligence. 

Never forget a carrier.

Collaborate On Capacity.


Find the right carrier for the right load at the right time. Use rules-based freight matching and digital waterfall tendering to strategically and automatically fill capacity that works for carriers, customers, and your company’s goals.

 Maximize Workflow Efficiency


Your team goes the extra mile. Help them go further, faster with cradle to grave workflows and advanced quote management that reduce manual effort, save time, and free up your team to build volume and strong carrier relationships. 

Improve Performance


With faster operations comes the need for faster feedback. Measure performance with leading-edge business analytics to guide improvements, coach customer service interactions, reward team members, and provide a top-tier experience for all stakeholders.

Pod Leader FAQs


How can Parade help my team be more productive and get more loads booked?

Parade helps teams be more productive by harnessing the power of automation, guiding faster, more efficient decision making, and employing digital quoting and booking tools to speed up the booking process.

Can Parade help my team find better rates?

Absolutely, in several ways. By helping brokerages build up their carrier networks and providing access to Partner Capacity Networks, Parade offers more carrier options for each load. By getting loads in front of carriers quicker, Parade helps brokers snap up the right capacity at the right price. By utilizing digital booking and quoting tools with a Book Now price, Parade customers experience significant margin gains.

How can Parade help me track my team’s performance?

Parade’s internal reporting features will allow you to track both team, individual, and system performance via the Overall Performance Dashboard. Pod leaders can even explore when and why carriers that didn’t offer the lowest quote were used in the Missed Opportunities tab. You can find a quick rundown on Parade’s reporting features here.