How Fortune Logistics is Using Advantage to Win More and Boost Margins

Case Study


Apr 3, 2024

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The team at Fortune Logistics isn’t new to using technology to their advantage, so when they saw an opportunity for improvement in their spot market quoting strategy, they turned to Parade’s Advantage dynamic pricing tool to quickly capture and capitalize on spot market opportunities.

Download the case study here.

Learn How Fortune is Using Advantage to Master Spot Market Strategy

Fortune Logistics was looking at its spot market win rate and the margins they were achieving and saw room for improvement. Having turned to Parade to address operational improvements in the past, it only made sense that Fortune would look to Parade’s Advantage AutoQuoting to further improve the company’s ability to strategize and act.

You can learn even more about Fortune’s journey with Advantage in our webinar with Fortune’s Tyler Gilpin and Parade team members.

The Pain Points That Left Fortune Logistics Seeking a Tech Solution

Fortune turned to Advantage to improve the brokerage’s spot market win rates. Manual processes and outdated tools were holding them back from reaching their potential, and leader Tyler Gilpin felt that a tech solution could help them improve suboptimal win rates and shore up missed opportunities.

Because much of their spot freight with preferred shippers was only on the spot market for very short windows of time, it was difficult for their team to quote the freight quickly enough and it created inefficiencies and pulled reps out of their workflows to try to keep up.

They needed a solution that would not only allow them to quote spot freight quickly, efficiently, and accurately but also give actionable insights to provide them with a strategic advantage.

Enter Advantage

Advantage’s AutoQuoting feature allowed Fortune to quickly respond with accurate quotes when desirable spot freight hit the market, with quotes generated to reflect their desired margins and their available capacity in the market.

Not only did it allow them to act quickly, but Advantage’s capacity-based pricing model also allowed Fortune to find lanes where they have a capacity advantage over their competitors. This allowed them to target freight that would improve margins by using their buying power in strategic markets.

Key Statistics Fortune Achieved with Advantage

Fortune managed instant results when they added Advantage to their tech stack, achieving an 18% win rate and 14% gross margins, stretching beyond their initial goals for the solution.

“We are seeing amazing results on our side with the amount of freight we have seen and the margins we are making on the freight. It even helped us secure some freight that hasn’t gone to spot,” said Tyler Gilpin.

These numbers don’t even reflect the time that their team is saving with Advantage’s AutoQuoting which can now be dedicated to core functions, nor do they address the ability to stay within their workflow while quoting spot loads almost instantaneously.

Want to learn more about our Advantage pricing tool? Reach out to our team here.


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