Pricing Analysts

A Better Balance Sheet Starts Here

Parade does more than increase load bookings by 30%. We also help you win more freight at the same gross margins with Advantage, our AI pricing engine that integrates your data with DAT market rates to calculate your advantage so you can bid more confidently–and win profitable freight more often

Book Better Margins


Win more profitable freight. Reduce bidding friction. Use our AI-driven predictive freight pricing engine to beat the market rate, and smooth the path to “yes” by automatically adding quotes to every load.

Attract And Retain More Carriers


Cultivate profitable carrier relationships. Minimize carrier attrition. Make Parade the go-to partner with automatic freight-matching, preferred loads for top carriers, automatic dispatching with seamless TMS integration, and carrier self-booking.

Do More For Less.


Book more loads with less effort. Put digital waterfall tendering, automatic replies and dispatching, and carrier self-bookings with seamless TMS integrations to work for automatic carrier verification, qualification, assignment, and rate confirmation. 

Increase your ROI

Get Rolling With Higher ROI


Want a full funnel with a bank account to match? Use Parade’s smart business intelligence tools to review performance, refine bid strategy, and assess hiring and carrier onboarding costs with ease.

Pricing Analyst FAQs

Who is Advantage for?

Advantage is an ideal tool for brokerages who are aiming to win more bids by offering shippers competitive pricing at every turn, those looking to improve margins, or any combination of the two. Advantage is a tool that facilitates growth, outreach to new and uncharted lanes, and improved relationships across the freight cycle.


What makes Advantage different from competitors?

Advantage is different in several ways, but the main difference is that it offers personalized, relationship-based pricing based on Parade capacity data that helps brokers find their Advantage. Advantage also considers more data points than other benchmarking tools, providing more accurate pricing.


What are the main benefits of using Advantage?

Advantage helps brokers win more bids, offers the ability to price both quickly and accurately, and helps mitigate the risks involved in freight pricing. This feature also shows brokers where they have an advantage so they can direct sales appropriately and therefore approach sales with confidence. Advantage also makes it possible to onboard new pricing analysts in a fraction of the time.