3 Ways Capacity Management Helps Brokers Create a Personalized Carrier Experience



Oct 4, 2022

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How Does Parade Capacity Management Facilitate Personalized Carrier Experiences?

Parade helps brokers give their carriers a more personalized experience to support stronger relationships between brokers and carriers, oftentimes without manual intervention thanks to AI and machine learning. Here are some of the ways the platform does that.

1.  Personalized Automated Carrier Outreach

Carrier outreach can be time-consuming. A lot of brokerages simply send their entire load list out to their carrier network and hope those carriers take the time to sift through the list to find a load that works for them, and then that the carrier reaches out about that load that works for them. While many brokers have seen moderate success with this method, capacity management with Parade offers a more personalized solution to automated outreach.

With Parade’s Smart Rules and carrier profiles that include lane preferences, available equipment, and more, brokers can ensure that the automated carrier outreach Parade sends on their behalf shows carriers the types of loads they want to see. For example, with Smart Rules in place, automated outreach won’t send a dry van carrier flatbed loads, and it won’t send them loads outside of their preferred lanes.

Personalizing outreach helps brokers show their carriers that they care about what they want and need. It also saves carriers’ time and makes it more likely that they’ll find a load that will work for them since they don’t have to sift through an exhaustive list of loads, many of which don’t meet their preferred parameters.

2. Freight Matching That Considers Carriers’ Wants and Needs

Relationships between brokers and carriers can only be sustained and bolstered by doing more business together. Parade’s freight matching helps do just that, prioritizing carriers that have taken loads in the past. With these carriers showing up close to the top of the list, it’s easy for brokers to re-use the carriers they already know and trust.

Parade’s matching feature also keeps in mind carrier preferences when suggesting matches. This helps brokers be more intentional when they reach out to carriers about a load. When Parade suggests a match, the broker already has a good idea that the carrier not only has the capacity for the load but also that the carrier wants that type of load. This means they’re not bothering carriers about loads the carrier can’t take, saving both parties time and effort and helping carriers look forward to picking up the phone when a Parade broker calls.

3. Tracking More Personal Details

In the brokerage industry, relationships with carriers aren’t always exclusive. When reps at a brokerage talk to the same carrier reps day after day and week after week, more personal bonds begin to form. Both parties begin to share details about their life outside of work.

With Parade, brokers can help keep track of important milestones and personal details about dispatchers and carriers in the notes section of each carrier’s profile. This allows reps across the brokerage to touch on those important details, even if they’re not usually the one that deals with the carrier’s representative. For example, when a  carrier sales rep pulls up the carrier profile they can see any important dates, such as birthdays or anniversaries, and can follow up with a call to wish the carrier happy birthday.

These little details help brokers build stronger relationships with their carriers by showing they care on a more personal level.


To learn more about how Parade can help your brokerage create personalized experiences for each and every one of your carriers, reach out to our team to get a demo.

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