3 Ways Parade Helps Freight Brokerages Grow



Jul 12, 2022

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1. Parade Helps Reps Get More Done Each Day

By automating much of the busy work that is involved in the day-to-day running of a freight brokerage, Parade can help reps get more done. Carrier outreach, load matching, and many other tasks can be turned over to the Parade system so reps have more time to spend on the important things that a computer system can’t do, like building meaningful relationships with carriers, where that relationship building was once often reserved to shippers since time was limited.

Parade also helps brokers improve carrier re-use so that reps are spending less time onboarding new carriers and more time effectively using the equipment of carriers they are already working with.

Streamlining workflows and allowing brokers to focus on the important things helps them get more loads booked in a day, making room to bring on more shippers or take more loads from the shippers they’re already working with.

2. Parade Helps Brokerages Earn More Per Load

By offering true visibility into capacity, getting loads in front of carriers faster, making great carrier suggestions for loads, and helping reps price loads more competitively, Parade can help freight brokers boost their gross margins.

Higher margins equal more money coming in per load, and when you combine that with the fact that many Parade brokerages are able to book more loads when they add the system, this solution can give brokerages a little breathing room and free up capital that can be invested back into the business to facilitate even further growth.

3. Teams Accomplish More, Making Room for Scale

The average brokerage is a busy place. Reps are constantly reaching out to carriers, trying to find coverage for loads, onboarding new carriers, and following up with carriers. Reps don’t get a lot of breathing room, and their busy days often leave them without the time to connect with carriers to gain insight into their capacity and build relationships.

It’s important to note that we don’t think of Parade as a platform that allows brokerages to reduce their staff size. That’s not what Parade’s brand of automation is about. Rather, it’s a tool to help the reps you have be more productive, both in the number of loads they get booked and the gross margins they’re bringing in.

Are you interested in learning more about how Parade helps freight brokers get more done while boosting margins to facilitate growth at scale? Reach out to the Parade team for a demo.

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