4 Benefits of Capacity Management with Digital Booking Capabilities



Aug 8, 2022

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Benefits of Capacity Management and Digital Booking

1. It Increases the Number of Loads Booked

One of the main benefits of capacity management with digital booking (and really, a benefit from which many of the other benefits spring) is an increased number of loads booked. Parade allows customers to book, on average, 30% more freight. With the same team and in the same amount of time, your brokerage can book more loads with digital booking tools within your capacity management solution.

It does this by streamlining the booking process and cutting out a lot of the steps that are traditionally involved. Carrier outreach can be automated and with digital booking options in place, a load can essentially book itself by the right carrier.

2. It Makes Room for Growth

Brokers are busy. Their days tend to be jam-packed just trying to get through their workload, get loads out the door, and keep their shippers and carriers both happy. Parade gives reps a way to be more productive in their workday, getting more loads booked with the right carriers in the same amount of time.

By helping reps be more productive, capacity management and digital booking make room for growth.

Though automation can be a scary word since reps often think they’ll be replaced by a computer program, replacing reps isn’t the goal of Parade. Growth at scale is. In fact, many of our customers are able to add to their staff, sometimes even adding entire teams because of the leg-up Parade gives them. One of our customers, Concept Logistics, has nearly doubled their staff because they added Parade to their tech stack. Another customer added an entire team just to handle digital freight.

3. It Improves Carrier Relationships

More brokerages than ever are focusing more on carrier relationships and using technology to help facilitate better relationships. Parade’s capacity management solution helps brokers build stronger carrier relationships through various means.

Digital booking specifically helps build carrier relationships because it gives carriers optionality. They get to decide how to book freight, and if they choose to book digitally, they can do so on their own time, even booking after hours.

Time saved using capacity management and digital booking also plays into improved carrier relationships. Instead of pounding the phones to try to find trucks, brokers have time to focus on more meaningful interactions.

4. It Makes Your Brokerage More Competitive

The brokerage space is extremely competitive, and companies are always looking for an edge. As more and more brokerages adopt digital tools like capacity management and digital booking, the average broker is going to need these tools just to stay competitive. Ditto for focusing on carrier relationships.

Digital booking and capacity management can help attract both shippers and carriers to your brokerage, helping you gain leverage over your competition. From there, these tools can help you serve both shippers and carriers better, helping get shippers fair rates and great service and giving carriers more of the loads they want at the rates they need.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of capacity management with digital booking options for your freight brokerage? Get a Parade demo.

Book 30% more freight.

You can save 30% with Parade.



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