4 Ways Parade Captures an Incredible Level of Carrier Engagement

When it comes to transportation, it’s a seller’s market. Despite that demand seems to be returning to pre-pandemic normal and shipping rates are down from 2020 and 2021 highs, capacity is still tight and spot market rates are still high. Tight capacity and high spot market rates mean that carrier engagement is as relevant as it ever was during the rollercoaster pandemic years, but it’s sometimes easier said than done. Parade’s ability to engage carriers is one of the reasons many of our customers turn to us. How does Parade engage carriers with so much success? Here’s our strategy.

Parade Team | 04.21.2022
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4 Ways Parade Captures an Incredible Level of Carrier Engagement

Parade Matches Carriers with the Loads They Want

1. Parade Uses Signals to Find Out What Carriers Want

Using AI, Parade collects signals. You can think of signals as pieces of data that may indicate pertinent information about truck availability and carrier preferences. The system puts together all these signals to determine which carriers are likely matches for a specific load.

Smart Rules and carrier profiles within the system help to fuel the AI engines that help Parade make great freight matches, but data collection doesn’t stop at the system. Parade can pull data from emails between brokers and carriers and through integrations with other systems a brokerage uses including TMS systems like McLeod, Tai TMS, and 3PL Systems and many others.

2. Parade Casts a Broad Net to Capture More Capacity

We’ve built up a strategic network of syndication partners to give Parade customers access to most trucks in the country via load board postings. We also have carrier partnerships with trucking companies to provide Parade brokers with enhanced access to our partner’s capacity. Parade sets up an internal load board for each brokerage to help capture available capacity from in-network carriers.

Our capacity management solution allows brokers to get their loads in front of as many carriers as possible to collect quotes and/or  digital bookings, helping them get loads covered on time and within budget.

3. Parade Makes Life Easier for Carriers

People tend to take the path of least resistance, so for any business, one great way to earn new and repeat business or build relationships is by being easy to work with. This applies to freight brokers who are looking for carriers with whom to build relationships, as well.

By offering digital quoting and booking tools, Parade makes carriers’ lives easier. Digital booking and quoting features are often faster for carriers to engage with than sending emails or making phone calls, saving them time on selecting and booking loads in preferred lanes.

Of course, not every carrier is interested in booking or quoting online. That’s why Parade has plenty of room for more traditional booking options, as well. We want to show carriers the loads they want to see where they want to see them, and allow brokers and carriers decide how to engage with one another.



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4. We Offer Access to Brokers Who Want Relationships

Onboarding new carriers is a lot of work , it’s time-consuming for both brokers and carriers and tends to carry a hefty price tag. The simplest way for brokers to cut down the time spent onboarding new carriers is to reuse carriers they’ve used before, and reuse benefits carriers as well since it cuts down on the paperwork on their end and provides them opportunities for steady business, as well.

Since one of the huge benefits of Parade is the ability to reuse carriers easily, carriers working with brokers who are using our capacity management solution can rest assured that those brokers are looking for carriers with whom they can build relationships.

Has your brokerage been searching for ways to improve carrier engagement? Get a demo of Parade to find out how Parade’s capacity management can help increase carrier re-use and engagement.