5 Benefits Parade’s New Cascade Feature Offers Brokers



Nov 3, 2022

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1. Cascade Enables Stronger Carrier Relationships

Because Cascade enables simple, automated carrier reuse, it helps brokers build stronger relationships with core carriers. It does this by getting the loads core carriers like in front of them quickly, and by giving those preferred carriers exclusive access to loads.

By reusing core carriers more often and ensuring ideal loads are exclusively offered to those core carriers quickly, brokers may find that they’re able to lock down more of their preferred carriers’ capacity. By using more core carrier capacity, brokers can get more loads booked early and keep them off the spot market.

Cascade is customizable. Brokers can set up their Cascades to match their business strategy and their shippers’ preferences, helping to assure that shippers get to work with their preferred carriers. For example, a broker could offer a more favorable rate to their top-tier carriers and extend the exclusivity window to help ensure their choice carriers book the load.

2. Cascade Helps Brokers Get More Digital Bookings

With Cascade’s automated outreach, carriers can easily book the load digitally with little to no intervention from the broker. When more of a broker’s loads are going to core carriers that are enabled for digital booking thanks to that outreach, more digital bookings are a natural result.

Digital bookings save time and are a great tool to improve carrier relationships because they provide carriers with optionality, allowing them to do business the way they choose. They can get a truck booked without ever dialing or answering the phone or digging in their email inbox, or they can reach out via phone or email if that’s their preference.

3. Cascade Saves Time

Whether a load is run frequently or it’s a one-off, the steps involved in traditional booking don’t change much. Reps still have to go through the motions, even if they are motions they’ve made hundreds of times in the past. Cascade’s automation changes that.

Once the load hits the system and the platform determines that the load fits the criterion for a Cascade that has been created, carrier outreach to top-tier carriers ensues immediately. From there, those carriers can book digitally, meaning that from the beginning of the booking cycle to the end, reps may not even have to touch the load.

4. Cascade Helps Improve Level of Service

When carriers who are familiar with a shipper’s freight, load requirements, and origins and destinations book a load, shippers are more likely to be happy with the service they have received. By automating exclusive outreach to shippers’ preferred carriers, brokers improve the odds that one of those preferred carriers will wind up with the load.

Cascade also helps improve the level of service offered to core carriers. It serves as one more way Parade helps get loads carriers want in front of them faster, and through customization of tiers, exclusivity windows, and pricing, Cascade can ensure those loads are available and attractive to top-tier core carriers.

5. Cascade Gives Brokers the Power of Scale and Helps Cut Freight Costs

Carrier reuse facilitated by Cascade can help cut freight costs. When brokerages build strong relationships with core carriers and utilize more of their capacity, those carriers may be willing to offer bulk discounts. Plus, by using core carriers, onboarding costs are reduced.

An increased number of digital bookings can also further cut freight costs. Digital bookings tend to garner higher margins than manually booked loads. Digital bookings also save reps’ time, which translates to greater earnings since reps can get more loads booked in the same amount of time.

Cascade also helps brokers take charge of contractual commitments. They can better manage volume and price commitments with your top carriers, see how much volume carriers are doing for you on a lane, and evaluate load acceptance rates on a per-carrier basis to inform future strategy.


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