5 Ways Capacity Management Can Enhance Your Brokerage



Aug 24, 2022

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How Does Capacity Management Make Freight Brokerages Better?

1. Capacity Management Provides Access to Digital Tools

Over the past decade or so, we’ve seen huge leaps forward in digitization in the freight industry. Digital tools like digital booking and quoting were reserved for large companies or startups that focused specifically on digital freight, but with capacity management, every brokerage can gain access to these tools.

Digital booking and quoting provide carriers optionality, letting them approach a business relationship with your brokerage on their own terms. Maybe an owner-operator carrier likes to do their booking and quoting after typical office hours because they’re driving during the workday. Offering that owner- operator the option to book or quote digitally may mean the difference between securing the capacity they have to offer or not.

2. Automation Means More Time for the Important Things

Parade’s capacity management solution uses AI-driven automation to tackle much of the repetitive work that makes up a good portion of the average freight broker’s day. To-dos like carrier outreach for load coverage and finding the right carrier for a load are done by the system so that reps have more time for
other things.

Some of those things might include reaching out to carriers and having real conversations about their capacity and preferences, not just in the here and now but in the future. Plus, when reps spend less time on each load, they can get more loads covered in the same amount of time. This automation essentially makes room for growth at scale.

3. It Broadens and Deepens Your Carrier Network

Parade has built strategic partnerships with many of the top syndication services in the industry to provide customers with access to new capacity that’s tailor-made for their brokerage’s freight. Digital booking and quoting tools can help brokerages bring those new carriers into the fold, and integrated onboarding tools can simplify the carrier vetting process.

4. Capacity Management Helps Build Stronger Carrier Relationships

The transportation industry is relationship-based, but most technology in the space doesn’t truly address those relationships. Parade capacity management is different. We offer brokerages several benefits that help them improve their carrier relationships. 

For example, Parade’s automated carrier outreach doesn’t simply send an email blast with all available loads to the entire carrier network. Instead, it sends relevant loads to carriers, giving each carrier a list of loads that are likely to be a good fit for them. This tailored list shows carriers that the broker cares about
their business and what they need to succeed, and it shows them that the brokerage is conscientious of the time and effort they put into finding loads.

5. Data and Reporting Help Brokerages Make Smarter, More Strategic Decisions

Data is critical when it comes to making smart business decisions in the freight industry, but it’s not always easy to come by and it’s not always easy to manage and use when it’s readily available.

Parade aggregates data from several sources and presents it in easy-to-read internal reports to not only help brokerages track data, but also know what to do with it.

Parade goes above and beyond typical reporting, providing a breakdown of the system’s ROI so brokers can easily see how they’re doing, what’s working, where they can improve, and the role the system is playing in their current performance.
Are you interested in learning more about how Parade capacity management can help your brokerage address challenges and grow? Reach out to our team to schedule a demo.

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