6 Ways Parade Capacity Management Drives Growth



Jun 21, 2022

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Here, we break down some of the ways Parade helps freight brokers grow their businesses.

1. Parade Helps Brokers Grow Their Carrier Network

Our features allows brokers to see carriers who have interacted with them in some way in the past in the source search when they’re looking for a match for a load. Those carriers aren’t inside of their capacity network yet, but they’ve shown interest in at least one of the broker’s loads and might be a good candidate for another one. This feature is great when you’ve already exhausted your carrier network and posted to load boards but haven’t gotten any bites.

2. Capacity Integrations

Parade has built partnerships with other technology and capacity companies across the transportation and logistics industry, integrating our solution with our partners’ platforms to give our customers access to new capacity through these integrations. This means that Parade customers can post loads directly to the top load boards in the country, filtering quotes back through the Parade system to make finding the right carrier for the load simple. The Parade system can also be used to post loads with a digital booking option.

3. Parade Helps Increase Efficiency

Getting freight booked can be time-consuming. The process includes several steps, some of which can take hours or even days depending on the complexity of the load, the data on hand, and available capacity.

Parade automates many of the processes involved in booking freight, including carrier data collection, storage, and organization. Freight matching, carrier outreach, and several other processes can also be automated through the Parade system, freeing up time for reps so they can get more loads booked. They can also use that extra time to build better relationships with carriers.

4. It Offers Return on Investment

Who can afford to add new technology if it can’t offer returns that are equal to or greater than the original investment? At Parade, we understand that technology is an investment that needs to pay out for the investor. That’s why we’ve spent so much time improving and perfecting the system so that it can provide customers with the ROI they need to make choosing Parade make good sense.

With Parade’s reporting features, customers can track the system’s ROI, showing profit margins, your digital bookings, your team’s engagement and much more.

5. Parade Drives Value for Brokers

Parade helps brokers book more loads, get better margins on loads, and improves productivity. It goes beyond the initial additional revenue and higher profits as well since the system’s automation leaves reps and management alike with more time to focus on building new relationships with both carriers and shippers.

When reps can get more done in a day, a brokerage can realize scale without the capital outlay involved in hiring new team members. The additional revenues can be reinvested into the business to spur additional growth.

6. Shippers Benefit Too

When brokers can cover more loads, cover those loads faster, and find better rates on the freight they’re booking, their shippers benefit, as well.

When brokers get better deals on loads thanks to Parade, they can pass at least some of those savings on to their shippers. The system’s ability to help brokers get loads booked earlier, assign loads to the ideal carrier, and track carrier preferences only makes life easier for shippers, too.

Reach out to our team to learn more about how Parade can help your freight brokerage grow, even if hiring new staff members isn’t an option right now.

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