7 Ways Parade Can Help Mid-Size Freight Brokers

Here at Parade, we work with some of the largest, most successful freight brokerages in the US to bring them the power of capacity management. We’re not just intended to help large brokerages, though. Parade is a great solution for mid-size freight brokers, as well. Here are just some of the ways Parade supports mid-sized freight brokers, helping them find success and grow their businesses.

Parade Team | 06.10.2022
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How Does Parade Help Mid-Sized Freight Brokerages?

1. It Helps Freight Brokers Build Their Capacity Network

Capacity is king in this industry, and finding it isn’t always easy. Most brokerages do what they can to avoid the spot market to improve margins, but that’s hard to do without a robust capacity network.

Parade gives brokers access to a broader, deeper network of capacity through our capacity partnership networks with syndication partners and capacity-building tools like our Never Forget a Carrier feature. It also helps them turn one-off carriers into relationship carriers.

2. Parade Helps Brokers Build Carrier Relationships

The capacity crunch of the past several years has opened the industry’s eyes to the power of strong carrier relationships. Brokers are treating carriers more like customers to access capacity when they need it.

Parade helps brokers improve carrier relationships by offering loads they actually want to take, making it easy for carriers to book and quote loads, and freeing up reps’ time so that they can have meaningful interactions with carriers instead of focusing on strictly the minutiae of booking loads.

3. It Provides a Way to Easily Reuse Carriers

Reusing carriers can save brokers time and money on onboarding new carriers and through better rates with relationship carriers, but the technology many brokers use doesn’t make it easy. Parade does.

Parade’s carrier outreach automation sends loads that match networked carriers’ preferences directly to them, increasing the odds that the load will be picked up by a carrier who has already taken loads for you.

4. Parade’s Tech Partnerships Carry Over to Benefit Our Customers

Parade has built strategic partnerships with some of the top transportation and logistics technology vendors, and those relationships benefit our customers, as well. The integrations we’ve built with our partners make it easy for our customers to connect their whole tech stack, giving them a 360° view of operations. Because we’re familiar with our partners’ systems and they’re familiar with ours, implementation is smoother, and integrations are more complete. Plus, when teams from tech providers can work together seamlessly, it can make rollout far less stressful and technical for customers.

5. It Helps Brokerages Scale

When reps can book more loads in less time thanks to Parade’s automation, digital matching, and digital booking and quotes features, brokers can take on new shippers without adding to their staff. This helps them to scale their business at their pace.

Rather than needing to expend capital they haven’t yet earned to add on to the team (and all the other expenses that go with that), Parade brokers can use additional revenues from booking more loads to strategically expand their business with less risk.

6. Freight Brokers Can Better Serve Shippers and Carriers Alike

Brokers can use Parade to work towards true partnerships within their carrier network. Because reps have more time to build relationships with carriers, the system offers them loads they actually want, and allows them to book freight how they want to book it, brokers can give as much or more than they take from their carriers. This serves to balance the relationship and allow brokers to serve their carriers better.

When our customers can use their capacity network more efficiently, book more loads, and save money on freight costs, they’re ultimately able to pass savings along to their shippers. They can also improve the level of service they offer shippers when loads are being booked in advance with trusted carrier partners rather than scrambling for any carrier with the capacity to take the load at the last minute.


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7. Parade Tools and Reporting Support Business Structure

Developing processes and a structure that truly serves your business can be difficult as a mid-sized broker. Without a large staff, it’s hard to find the time to focus on these things.

Parade’s tools and internal reporting features help support brokerages’ business structures, giving them the metrics they need to set goals and track progress and the tools to develop more efficient processes.

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