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ARL Logistics Built a Tech Stack to Help Them Usher in the Future of the Freight Industry

The team at ARL Logistics has seen the writing on the wall. Digitization and automation are becoming more and more typical in freight brokerages, and they knew that to keep up with the competition, they’d have to get on board.

Parade Team | 09.13.2022
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ARL’s Executive Vice President Jordan Reber explained to us that he believed brokerages will focus on building relationships with a core network of carriers. They needed technology that could help facilitate that relationship building and the digitization that’s becoming par for the course for freight brokerages

ARL’s Brokerage Model is Different Than the Average Parade Customer

ARL Logistics uses a predominantly cradle-to-grave brokerage model. Most of their reps handle loads through the entirety of the freight cycle, and that model has served them well. Oftentimes, modernization and a new tech stack mean that a brokerage is leaving cradle-to-grave in the dust, but that’s not the case at ARL. Instead, they’re working on building digital operations alongside their sales team.

ARL’s New Tech Stack is Preparing Them for the Future

The addition of Parade allowed ARL to add a new team to their organization, a future-facing team that would work on developing their digital business. Their new carrier sales team is booking loads how leadership expects them to be booked down the road, building out processes and ARL’s carrier network so that the brokerage can begin to rely less on load boards and more on a trusted team of carrier partners.

Because ARL’s new TMS, Tai, complements Parade so well, their sales team doesn’t even need to actively use the system to benefit from it. The work their carrier sales team does in Parade gives their brokers a better view of capacity, access to digital quotes through Tai’s platform, and freight matching, all without ever touching the Parade system.

Parade and Tai are Paving the Way to Better Carrier Relationships and Legacy Carriers

Parade’s Smart Rules and lane preferences are helping the carrier sales team at ARL Logistics show their carrier network that they’re listening and that they care about them. Parade’s automated outreach sends their carriers exactly the types of loads they want to see.

By showing their carriers the loads they want, they’re building stronger relationships. Those stronger relationships lead to carriers who are in it for the long haul (no pun intended).

Interested in learning more about ARL’s journey with Parade and Tai TMS? Download this infographic for a quick snapshot of their results.



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About ARL Logistics

ARL Transport LLC is one of the largest intermodal drayage companies in the U.S. and Canada, located in Moon Township, western Pennsylvania, just five miles from the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport. ARL Transport LLC is proud to be an Independent Terminal Agent-operated and Independent Business Entity (IBE) driven company that operates with strong family values and ethics, stemming from founders R.J. and Ron K. Faherty. Visit them on the web at


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