ARL Logistics: Using Freight AI to Escape Email Overload

Case Study


May 24, 2024

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ARL Logistics: Overcoming Email Overload and Optimizing Staffing with AI

ARL Logistics partnered with Parade to implement Capacity CoDriver, Parade's advanced AI tool that supercharges carrier-facing teams and streamlines operational inefficiencies. Get the case study here.

The Challenge

ARL Logistics struggled to maintain optimal staffing levels year-round without compromising service, quality, or speed. Surges in load volumes due to seasonal peaks stretched their resources thin. Growing expectations from carriers for near-instant communication further challenged workflow efficiency. A significant portion of the team’s time was spent handling lower-value inbound emails and calls, limiting their ability to work on strategic projects and strengthen carrier relationships.

The Solution

Enter Capacity CoDriver, Parade’s AI tool that seamlessly integrates with brokerage operations, automating email communication and expediting negotiations. It acts as a 24/7 extension of the team, capable of handling thousands of email conversations per day. By automating routine inquiries and kickstarting negotiations, Capacity CoDriver frees up team members to focus on more complex tasks and relationship building.

Unprecedented Operational Efficiency

CoDriver has more than doubled the volume of quotes ARL Logistics receives, enhancing their ability to drive to price action. CoDriver funnels all quotes directly into Tai TMS, allowing ARL’s team to quickly sift through and eliminate less competitive offers, focusing on the most advantageous rates.

Additionally, with CoDriver integrated into Tai TMS, ARL now has a complete history of quotes, enriching their dataset for forecasting, reporting, and trend analysis. This expanded data set helps ARL make more informed decisions, optimize pricing strategies, and effectively adapt to changes in the market.

Respond to Carriers in Under 30 Seconds

CoDriver transformed ARL’s communications with carriers by ensuring no inquiry goes unanswered, dramatically improving response times, and enhancing carrier relationships. Response times have been cut down to an average of 21 seconds per inquiry, well beyond the capacity of even a top carrier representative.

Stabilize Staffing Needs with AI

Capacity CoDriver has transformed ARL’s operational flexibility, eliminating the need for constant team adjustments. By automating routine email communications and responses, CoDriver significantly reduces time spent on transactional work, enabling ARL to maintain a consistent staffing level year-round.

ARL’s Competitive Edge with Capacity CoDriver

ARL’s adoption of Capacity CoDriver has transformed their approach to carrier communications and negotiations. As a result, ARL has optimized staffing levels, maintaining high service quality without additional hires, even during peak times. This efficient use of technology has strengthened ARL’s carrier relationships and solidified its reputation as a reliable partner in the freight brokerage industry, demonstrating the capacity for sustained growth and competitiveness.

Thinking of exploring what Capacity CoDriver can do for your brokerage? Reach out to our team here for a demo.

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