Capacity Management is Driving Real Results for Parade Customers



Jul 25, 2022

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Parade Has Helped Customers Realize Huge Gains in These Areas

Digital Booking and Quoting

The team at Fortune Logistics, a brokerage that focuses on reefer freight, has wholeheartedly embraced the power of digital booking and the proof is in the pudding. When we joined their Executive Regional Manager Tyler Gilpin a few months ago in a Freightwaves webinar, he told us that 54% of their loads booked the week before were Book Now loads. What’s even more impressive? That was just a few months into using Parade.

One of the country’s leading flatbed brokerages, saw 13% of their freight booked digitally within the first year of using Parade, and they continued to see steady growth after that initial year, with more than 28% of their loads being booked digitally when we caught up with them recently.

Concept Logistics doubled its digital bookings in a month recently.


Parade’s automation and streamlined processes help reps get more done in a day, ultimately leading to more bookings and more time to focus on the things the computer can’t do: building relationships with carriers and bringing in new business.

One of our broker customers saw a productivity increase of 15% in the first year of using Parade. Fortune Logistics saw reps go from booking 20-30 loads per week to upwards of 50 loads per week within months of implementing Parade.

At Fortune Logistics, reps saw a 10%-20% increase in loads booked almost immediately.

Carrier Re-Use

Parade’s carrier relationship-building tools, and simplified re-use processes often lead customers to improved carrier re-use.

At Concept Logistics, Parade has helped them improve their already exceptional carrier re-use even further. Recent stats showed that 60% of their carriers take more than four loads per month, and they had 746 carriers that took more than 20 loads per month.

At Fortune Logistics, the brokerage saw a 25% increase in carrier re-use in less than 6 months using Parade.

Over the past six months, Parade customer ARL saw a 25% increase in carriers taking 20 or more loads.

Carrier Networking

Parade helps brokerages build up their carrier networks, helping to keep loads in the hands of carriers they trust and off load boards.

One of our broker customers used Parade to grow their carrier network by 160 carriers over just a six-month period. How did Parade do that? Those one-and-done carriers found on a load board are saved by Parade’s capacity management. When a load comes in that looks like it might be a good match, the system makes a suggestion. Now, that carrier that the brokerage may never have used again is on its way to becoming a relationship carrier.

Gross Margins and Revenues

The other results that Parade offers customers often lead to improved gross margins and, ultimately, increased revenues.

At ARL, they’ve seen gains of 4.32%-8.47% in gross margins on digital freight. An even more critical ARL statistic? They saw 10% gross margin gains on carriers taking 20+ loads, with that improved carrier re-use being traced back to Parade.

Parade Customers are Growing

The tools Parade provides customers help them achieve growth goals, and not only that, but to achieve growth at scale. Since reps can be more productive, margins and revenues increase, and the system allows brokerages to make more strategic business decisions, growth is almost a natural byproduct of Parade. For example, Concept Logistics saw 54% growth last year, and they’re projecting another 60% in growth for 2022.

It Doesn’t Take Long

Many reps at Parade customer Fortune Logistics were seeing productivity increases within a few short weeks of implementing the system. They started receiving digital bookings almost immediately, in part thanks to the way they prepared their top carriers to use the Parade Book Now feature. ARL got its first digital booking on the very day Parade went live.

Ultimately, Parade’s capacity management solution helps brokerages grow, scale, and make inroads on the KPIs they’re using to measure success. Is Parade’s capacity management solution the key to driving real results at your brokerage? Reach out to our team to get a demo.

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