Carrier Reuse - Who’s the Best Carrier for a Load?



Mar 22, 2023

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When we started Parade we spent time talking to some salty, old-timers in freight. 

The sort of folks who remembered when “DAT” meant “Dial-a-Truck” or diesel was $1/gallon. 

They gave us all sorts of advice on how to be successful at freight and one of their sayings really stuck with us:

The best carrier for a load is the one you’ve already got.

Since day 1 we’ve been focused on carrier reuse because carrier reuse drives better outcomes for everyone:

  • Shippers get better service as carriers learn their facilities

  • Carriers get predictable revenue

  • 3PLs get better margins

Our data shows that when you use a carrier 10+ times, you get 200 basis points better gross margins (typically 14% instead of 12%).

Carrier reuse matters.

And now we’re making it even easier to reuse carriers.


The easiest carrier to reuse

The easiest carrier to reuse is the one who is already delivering for you: if you can get a reload for that carrier you get the 200 basis point margin mentioned improvement above.

And Parade’s new UI makes it easier than ever to find and identify these carriers:

We show you which loads have a Delivering Truck (”DT”) for you and you can filter for just these loads in a single click.

A best practice is to take someone on your team and have them work the reloads: have them contact those carriers delivering for you and make sure they’re aware that you have another load for them.

Then put a quote on it and book them digitally!


Fill up more reloads

We’ve also built reporting that shows you how many reloads you have available as well as how many you are actually using.

Across all of Parade, we see that the median broker has a reload available for 13% of their delivering trucks – and the top quartile of brokers have a reload available for at least 24% of their delivering trucks. Those brokers with high reload rates see consistently higher gross margins.


Find more reloads

If you’re looking for more reloads, we’ve also got you covered! 

We’ve added reporting showing where you have delivering trucks that don’t yet have a reload:

Have your sales team let shippers know that you’ve got trucks in their area and win more freight.


Get reloaded

If you’re a Parade customer, you can use these reloads features today. Go to our new UI and log in with your existing credentials. There’s no additional charge for the new UI.

Not a Parade customer? Contact us for a demo.

And take advantage of that 200 basis points of gross margin that’s waiting for you.

Book 30% more freight.

You can save 30% with Parade.



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