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Covenant is Embracing Tech to Move Their Brokerage into the Future

Coming off tremendous growth in 2021, the leadership team at Covenant Logistics knew it was time to re-invest in new technology that would bring Covenant Logistics into the future. They began looking for solutions that would help them do just that, choosing Parade to be a key player in their tech stack going forward.

Parade Team | 06.03.2022
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Parade Will Play a Large Role in Covenant’s Technological Transformation

Covenant currently uses a legacy TMS that has limited access to new features for the foreseeable future. Parade’s platform will fill some of the gaps they’re seeing as they look toward the future, helping them stay competitive in a market that is rapidly evolving.

“Parade moves us 10 years into the future regarding our ability to service our customers and grow our business,” said Patrick Childs, Senior Director of Strategic Services at Covenant.

Covenant is Gaining Access to Digital Booking

Currently, Covenant’s booking processes are mostly manual. Covenant reps call or email carriers, handling all negotiations and bookings through more traditional means. Because they have a fabulous team, they’ve been able to find success even when load tendering takes a good portion of time, but they’re hoping Parade will up their game.

Parade gives Covenant access to digital booking, something they don’t currently have. Integrations with syndication partners will allow them to post and manage Book Now loads on several of the top load boards without ever leaving the Parade platform.

Parade’s Capacity Management Allows Covenant to Manage Carrier Data Efficiently

Parade will function as their carrier CRM, another gap in their tech stack that the company didn’t have before Parade. This will give them an effective way to track and manage carrier preferences, and to use those carrier preferences to match their carrier partners with freight that’s ideal for them.

Parade many features and tools will help them gain access to new capacity. When a carrier quotes on a load, whether that quote is used or not, the system saves their information and begins gathering data about that carrier’s behavior to anticipate what types of loads they would like. Additionally, the Parade platform will leverage machine learning to match carrier capacity in real-time.

They’re Developing New Processes Through Parade

They plan to use Parade to cut down on the need for tribal knowledge on the floor so that all their reps have access to the information they’ve collectively obtained via the Parade platform. Covenant is setting up KPIs to ensure that its carrier reps are investing time in building carrier relationships and putting that data back into the system so it can work at its peak.

They’re planning to use the new processes that will come along with Parade to overhaul their current processes, improve efficiency, and encourage reps to build more solid relationships with carriers.

Covenant’s Parade Onboarding Experience Has Been Superior

The team at Covenant has been very impressed with the responsiveness and problem-solving abilities of our customer experience team. Their representative raved about the Parade Customer Experience Manager, stating that all her hard work has made this one of the smoothest rollouts of a new technology in his career.


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About Covenant

Covenant Logistics Group, Inc., through its subsidiaries, offers a portfolio of transportation and logistics services to customers throughout the United States. Primary services include asset-based expedited and dedicated truckload capacity, as well as asset-light warehousing, transportation management, and freight brokerage capability. In addition, Transport Enterprise Leasing is an affiliated company providing revenue equipment sales and leasing services to the trucking industry. Covenant’s Class A common stock is traded on the NASDAQ Global Select market under the symbol, “CVLG.”

Have questions about Covenant? You can reach their team at (888) 763-5352. Wondering about Covenant’s Parade experience and whether it’s time for your brokerage to step into the future, too? Reach out to the team at Parade to learn how we can help.