Don’t Leave Money On The Table With Quotes



Mar 22, 2023

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There’s a bad joke that goes something like this:

An economist is walking along the street and passes a $100 bill lying on the ground.

Her friend immediately says “why didn’t you stop?”

Her reply: “I must have imagined it because absolutely no one would leave a $100 bill lying on the ground.”

The “joke” in freight is that we leave $100 bills lying on the ground all the time. Except that our bills aren’t $100 bills, they’re $250 bills.

What are we talking about here?

Unused quotes.

The average Parade broker has 35 loads per month where they miss a good quote. And the average good quote is a whopping $250 better than the final price paid for the load.

This adds up to just over $100,000 in missed profit per year.

Or it did.

With Parade’s latest update we’ve added two new features that eliminate missed quotes.

One Place for all Quotes

It starts with one place for all your quotes. Parade already generates quotes for you from loadboards and your private portal. Now any team member can add their own quotes with a single click – and this means that all your quotes live in one place:

You can add a quote for any carrier – whether onboarded with you or not.

See & Act on Every Quote

All those quotes go into a chronological list so you can see every single quote at your brokerage:

And it’s not just “see” – you can act on these quotes.

You can give users permission to:

  • Accept a quote and turn it into a digital booking

  • Invite a carrier to onboard so you can accept their quote

  • Counter a quote (if the carrier accepts your new rate, it will be a digital booking)

  • Decline a quote (the carrier won’t see the reason why you decline)

This supports complex workflows such as having carrier sales teams generate quotes but letting sellers decide which ones to accept.

Peace of Mind that Every Quote is Being Worked

To avoid leaving money on the table, you should work every quote. If you respond to each one, you can be confident that you’re picking up $250 bills without walking by.

You can also use Parade’s in-app reporting to double-check this. Our Quoting report shows you missed quotes:

Start Working Quotes Today

If you’re a Parade customer, you can start working quotes today. Go to our new UI and log in with your existing credentials. There’s no additional charge for the new UI. 

Not a Parade customer? Contact us for a demo.

Either way: go pick up that $250 bill.

Book 30% more freight.

You can save 30% with Parade.



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