Fine Tune Your Tech to Fit Your Brokerage’s Needs



Jun 24, 2022

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Parade Can Adapt to Your Brokerage’s Needs

It Starts During Implementation

The team at Parade takes time to learn what customers need from their freight tech, set up the system so that it fits those needs, and continues to fine-tune even after go-live. They’ll make sure your tech stack is integrated, even if your brokerage needs integrations that don’t already exist.

Cradle-to-grave or Chicago models, Parade can accommodate each brokerage’s unique needs, including dry van, flatbed, reefer, local, regional, and OTR. Even if you use an equipment type, load type, or commodity that isn’t currently in the system (though those are few and far between), our team can get it into the system so your team can effectively manage capacity and find the best freight matches.

Parade can even be adapted to suit an agency model, sharing only the information that is necessary for agents to share a pool of capacity without sharing any of the details that would allow users to make deductions about their fellow agents’ book of business.

Parade Smart Rules Let Every User Make the System Work for Them

Smart Rules put the power to fine-tune the Parade system into the hands of every single user. By adding Smart Rules that reflect what users want the system to do in a particular circumstance and prioritizing those rules accordingly, each user can direct the system to make better digital freight matches.

For instance, you have a shipper who insists that a few select carriers haul their loads. A Smart Rule can be put in place in minutes to ensure that those loads are only sent to the shipper’s preferred carriers via automated carrier outreach. The shipper then decides they don’t want to use one of those carriers anymore. No problem! Just adjust the rule to reflect the change.

Changing the Way You Do Business?

Because the Parade system is highly configurable, it can adapt to the way you do business, and it can adapt again if strategy decisions or the market dictates a change in the way you do business. Some adjustments can even be made through Smart Rules and lane preferences without calling in the Parade team, even.

In Conclusion

The Pandemic and its associated challenges highlighted the need for supply chain tech that can flex and grow with companies. Getting new tech in place to support new or changing needs takes too long, so ideal solutions are configurable and scalable. Parade is all that and more. 

Want to learn more about how Parade can be fine-tuned to meet your brokerage’s needs? Reach out to our sales team for a demo that will show you how Parade can be set up and used to maximize its impact. If you’re a current Parade customer, reach out to your customer experience representative with any questions.

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