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Dec 1, 2023

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Sonwil Logistics is Using Parade to Grow at Scale

When Sonwil Logistics was looking for a capacity management solution to help them manage their carriers better, add digital features like digital booking and quoting, and allow reps to get loads booked faster so they could accomplish more each day, they turned to Parade.

Sonwil ultimately chose Parade because the system was able to check a few boxes for them, including:

  • Parade would help them cut down on their time to book so reps had more time to build relationships and book more loads

  • They wanted it to be easy for carriers to book with them

  • Sonwil wanted a partner, not just a tech company

The Results?

Parade has over-achieved in terms of the ROI Sonwil Logistics leaders expected, specifically when it comes to digital loads. Parade may be able to do the same for your brokerage.

Want to learn more about how Parade helped Sonwil Logistics grow their business at scale through digitization and automation? You can download the full case study here.

Book 30% more freight.

You can save 30% with Parade.



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