Gillson Solutions to Chat with Parade About Freight Tech Shopping



Aug 4, 2022

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Gillson Solutions Took a Well Thought Out Approach to Tech Shopping

The team at Gillson Solutions did a lot of work before they even began shopping for new freight tech, specifically a new TMS and a capacity management solution. They involved not only their leadership team but also team members from the floor to get to the heart of what they really needed from new technology and how they should go about evaluating potential solutions.

In the fireside chat, they’ll talk about how they prepared for their freight tech shopping journey as well as the checklist they used to ensure potential solutions had all the qualities they needed from their new solutions.

Speakers will also discuss how Gillson Solutions ultimately landed on Parade and Turvo for their new tech stack, covering the reasons why these solutions and companies would up being the perfect fit for Gillson. Speakers will also go over how Parade and Turvo helped Gillson through the implementation process and how the teams at each company worked with them to ensure the systems fit their needs perfectly. Attendees will learn about how Parade and Turvo interact, with a seamless data flow that allows customers using both solutions to serve their customers and carriers better.

About Gillson Solutions

Gillson Solutions is a Stockton, CA-based freight brokerage that also offers additional logistics services. Most of their loads are reefer loads for produce companies, but they have dry van customers, as well. They pride themselves on offering dependable top-quality logistics services. You can find more information on Gillson Solutions at

Reserve Your Spot Today!

The speakers will save time for a short live Q&A session, but you’ll have to attend the webinar to get your questions in. Be sure to register today here to reserve your spot. We look forward to seeing you there!

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