Gillson Solutions Uses Parade to Kick-Start the Modernization of Their Processes



Aug 2, 2022

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Gillson Solutions Leveraged Their Team’s Experience to Build a Modern Brokerage Tech Stack

The team at Gillson solutions was doing okay without new technology. Since the brokerage was founded, it has grown steadily, seeing explosive growth through the pandemic as so many brokerages did.

However, they knew that, eventually, their growth would be capped off by their capacity for productivity. There are only so many hours in the day, and without hiring a massive amount of staff, they wouldn’t be able to continue their growth trajectory forever without making some changes.

What Was Holding Them Back?

Technology Not Designed for the Fast-Paced Freight Brokerage Environment

It wasn’t necessarily that their old tech wasn’t poorly designed or not very functional. It worked well on the asset side of the business. It simply wasn’t designed to quickly and nimbly facilitate the tasks that must be carried out in a freight brokerage.

Clunky Processes

Because their tech wasn’t designed for freight brokerage processes, everyday tasks could take a very long time. This meant that reps were limited in the number of loads they could handle in a day, even when capacity was easy to come by.

Tech that Was Difficult to Learn

Since Gillson is a growing brokerage, they have seen the need to hire new staff members in the past several years to accommodate new business. The program they were using was very difficult to teach to new associates, taking up time from both the trainer and trainee that could be used in doing something more productive.

Tech that Couldn’t Connect to Other Tech

The TMS they were using before wasn’t able to communicate with the other programs they use (track and trace, rating, carrier onboarding, etc), limiting their visibility and therefore their overall picture of both their workload and their available capacity. This lack of connectivity also added to their clunky process plight, with reps having to jump from one program to the next to get things accomplished.

Gillson’s Solution? Parade and Turvo.

After demoing several products and putting their industry knowledge and experience using other tech solutions to work, the team at Gillson decided on Turvo as their new TMS and Parade as their new capacity management solution.

They choose these products because combined, they offered an end-to-end solution. These programs will give Gillson the ability to digitalize and automate tasks that don’t need a human touch, leaving reps time to focus on relationships.

What Does Gillson Hope to Gain from Their New Tech Stack?

With their new tech stack, Gillson is expecting to see huge gains in productivity and therefore their ability to take on new business. They are planning to use these programs as the foundation to scale their business and achieve their long-term growth goals.

Want to learn more about Gillson Solutions’ journey to selecting Parade and Turvo?  You can learn more about the checklist Gillson Solutions used to find the perfect capacity management tool in Parade by downloading this infographic.

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