How Does Parade Help Brokers Improve Carrier Reuse?



Sep 30, 2022

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Parade takes a multi-pronged approach to improve carrier reuse.

Traditionally, carrier information is stored in spreadsheets, notebooks, or even in carrier reps’ heads. While these methods work great for some brokers and they get plenty of loads covered this way, they do leave a lot to be desired. They must be constantly updated to be effective, and tribal knowledge that lives in reps’ minds isn’t easily accessible to the rest of the staff. It’s easy for carriers to get lost in the shuffle.

Any carrier that engages with a Parade customer is stored in the system for as long as the broker is using it. No more great carriers that slip through the cracks after taking a single load, no more carriers who have quoted but didn’t win the load disappearing forever. Parade holds on to them all to offer as a potential match when the load is right based on the preferences that the carrier expressed in previous quotes.

The System Is More Likely to Suggest Carriers That Have Taken Loads Before

When a load enters the Parade system, it uses an algorithm that considers carrier preferences, data scrubbed from emails, data from our syndication and load board partners, and user input data to suggest ideal carriers for that load in a ranked list. The system ranks carriers who have already taken loads higher than those that have not, and if Smart Rules are in place, the system can help automate the process of reaching out to those previously utilized carriers.

Essentially, Parade makes it easy for brokers to find carriers that have successfully hauled a load in the past by ranking them higher in the source search. The system even shows the carrier’s load history and onboarding status in that search so brokers can know that they’re reusing a carrier that they’ve had success with in the past without the need to dig deeper.

Parade Helps Brokers Build Stronger Carrier Relationships

It’s tough to reuse carriers if they don’t have a good experience taking loads for your brokerage, making it difficult to form relationships. Parade helps build strong carrier relationships so carriers want to come back for more. It does this by:

  • Showing carriers the loads they want to see

  • Storing and using carrier preferences to make suggestions

  • Offering digital booking and quoting tools for carriers that prefer to interact digitally

  • Freeing up reps’ time for more meaningful interactions with carriers

It Even Helps Brokerages That Already Highly Prioritize Carrier Reuse

Every brokerage has those loads, lanes, or even entire regions that they just don’t have the best carrier coverage in. Even brokerages who have managed remarkable carrier reuse before adding Parade run into this issue.

For many Parade customers, the system has helped them hold on to the carriers that like those hard-to-reach lanes. Because the system stores carrier information and preferences, it remembers when a carrier runs a difficult-to-cover load and suggests them for the next time so that the broker can avoid the spot market and one-and-done carriers in the future.

By building up a broker’s capacity network in tough lanes or areas they don’t normally cover, Parade can not only help brokers reuse capacity, but also expand their territory and step outside of their comfort zone.

The More Brokers Use the System, the Better it Works

Data is the fuel that makes the AI engines behind Parade run efficiently, and by using it more often so the system can take in more data, brokers have the power to make Parade work even better. With more data, the system can suggest even better matches, keeping even more loads inside of a broker’s capacity network.


To learn more about how Parade could help your brokerage improve carrier reuse, reach out to our team for a demo.

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