How HTS Logistics Gets Big Results with AI

Case Study


Mar 11, 2024

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Learn How HTS Logistics Streamlined Carrier Communications with CoDriver to Double Load Coverage

When HTS Logistics was struggling to respond to their high volume of loadboard inquiries effectively, they turned to Parade’s Capacity CoDriver to overhaul their operations and automate loadboard email responses. The results they have experienced speak for themselves. You can find the full case study here.

CoDriver Transformed HTS Logistics’ Operations

Capacity CoDriver, Parade’s AI tool designed to supercharge carrier sales teams, enabled HTS to automate email communications to speed up the quoting and load matching processes while ensuring carrier satisfaction.

The Pain Points that Convinced HTS Logistics to Adopt CoDriver

The issues HTS was facing aren’t uncommon in the freight industry: they were getting so much activity and so many load board inquiries that they were struggling to answer them all. Because they couldn’t read or respond to all these incoming messages from carriers, they were leaving potential capacity on the table.

Enter CoDriver

With CoDriver, HTS was able to effectively respond to each load board inquiry, giving them access to more capacity that resulted in more load coverage. CoDriver answers an average of 350 emails a day, which are 350 transactional emails that reps aren’t dealing with so they’ve got more time to build and strengthen relationships with carriers and cover more loads.

"CoDriver is doing a lot of the heavy lifting, responding quicker than we ever could manually. This has greatly improved our workflow." - Quince Gibbons, Operations Support Manager at HTS

In responding to more emails effectively, HTS saw a massive increase in quote volume. That increase in quote volume had a direct effect on their digital transactions, increasing those as well. CoDriver has had a snowball effect on HTS Logistics’ operational efficiency which results in improved profitability and growth over time.

Want to learn more about how HTS Logistics is using CoDriver for more efficient operations with big results? Check out the webinar we hosted with HTS recently. You can find the whole thing here.

Key Statistics HTS Logistics Achieved with CoDriver

With CoDriver, HTS Logistics managed to improve their operational efficiency in several ways including:

  • Email response times averaged about 10 seconds

  • Massively increased quote volume

  • Increased digital activity (quotes, bookings)

  • Improved load coverage

Want to get the low-down on the specific statistics HTS was able to achieve by implementing CoDriver? You can find the full case study here.


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