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Parade empowers top freight brokerages to cultivate best-in-class carrier relationships. Parade leverages artificial intelligence to give you business-critical insights and smart carrier engagement.

Why Do Carrier Relationships Matter?

We talk a lot about how Parade capacity management can help brokers improve and elevate their carrier relationships, but what’s so important about those carrier relationships? In this article, we'll explore why carrier relationships matter and what constitutes a good carrier relationship.

Greenbush Logistics is Using Technology to Find New Trucking Capacity

Abbeville, AL-based Greenbush Logistics isn’t your typical Parade brokerage customer. They are their own largest shipper, and they offer 3PL services, as well. Business was good, but their leadership team knew that bringing in new technology would help them manage the challenges they still faced and empower their team to get even better.

Parade Attends 2022 TIA 3PL Technovations Conference

Parade is excited to announce that our team will be attending TIA’s 2022 Technovations Conference. We hope to see you there!