Introducing Parade's Carrier Email Verifier: A Step Towards a More Secure Future for Freight



Apr 12, 2023

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The freight industry has seen a concerning rise in freight fraud, affecting both brokers and carriers alike. With challenges such as double-brokering, carrier identity fraud, and cargo theft on the rise, it’s more important than ever for freight brokers to take steps in mitigating risks and ensuring the security of their transactions.


At Parade, we understand the importance of trust and security in the freight industry. As the leading capacity management system for freight brokerages, our goal is to help our customers navigate these challenges and provide them with the tools they need to protect their business and data.


Parade’s Robust Network


Serving over 200 top-tier freight brokerages, including Worldwide Express Globaltranz, USA Truck, and ARL Network, Parade is trusted with over $11 billion in freight transactions annually. Our robust network provides a solid foundation for our freight broker customers to digitize freight bookings with carriers while maintaining the highest level of security and trust.


Introducing the Carrier Email Verifier


In our continuous efforts to enhance the security and reliability of our platform, we are excited to announce the release of Parade’s Carrier Email Verifier: Carriers.FYI. This free tool, available for both current customers and non-customers, is designed to help freight brokers verify carrier emails and drive safer, more secure freight transactions.


How Does It Work?


The Carrier Email Verifier works by anonymously identifying if an email has been utilized with a freight brokerage across our network within the last 30, 60, or 90 days. By providing more data to freight brokers, our tool enables them to have greater confidence in who they are talking to online and make more informed decisions when booking loads.


Mitigating Risk in the Freight Industry


With the Carrier Email Verifier, we aim to contribute a small piece to a much larger puzzle in the quest for a more secure future for freight. By providing an additional layer of security and trust, we are better equipping brokers to mitigate risks such as double-brokering, carrier identity fraud, and cargo theft.


In conclusion, as the freight industry continues to evolve and faces new challenges, Parade remains committed to providing innovative solutions that promote trust, security, and efficiency. The Carrier Email Verifier is just one example of our dedication to helping our customers navigate the complex landscape of freight transactions and ensuring a more secure future for all parties involved.


Stay ahead of potential threats and start using Parade’s Carrier Email Verifier today!

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